The Players

Player Contribution Page:

The Infamous “Donate to the Players” page.  Yes, it does what it says it does.  This is just a way we the players can easily get word out to friends, family, and co-workers to ask for contributions for our upcoming soccer journey.  These young ladies really appreciate your generosity!

You can search for your player in the box on the right.  To give to your favorite player select the Donate Button Next to their name and complete your transaction through paypal.  A small portion of your contribution (~3%) will cover fees through paypal.

Corey Zaremba

Kelly Cannistra

Paige Maling

Lauren Votto

Lauren Schooler

Maddie McCoskey

Victoria Damore

Kylee Ryan

Jessica Hale

Isabel Deustch

Nikki Hoey

Kristin Carr

Alyssa de Lemos

Emma Robson

Carly Bych

Olive Jones

Ellie Vasey

Alison Turk