The Club

Last but not least– the “CLUB”!  Yes we do owe to them a bit of gratitude because without them we would not exist as a team.  Thank you Club!

You can donate to the Club Here:

Why should I donate to the club?  Will it benefit our Team? Well, here’s our Q/A on this topic…


1. If I contribute to the Club in the name of the 99 team, what do these funds do?

If you make a donation to the Club in the name of our Team, the club will pay for our ‘team related’ expenses with those funds.  If donations to the Club exceed expenses incurred for playoffs, then the money will become part of the general fund.

2. Is this contribution tax deductible?

According to Barrack Obama, Tim Geitner and even Joe what’s his name — YES! The Club is a 501(3)C… and therefore a tax deductible contribution.  Remember these funds will only pay for expenses incurred by the club, i.e. tournament fees, coaches travel, etc. etc.

3. Why would I consider making a contribution to the Club?

Well, there are a ton of reasons, but I will cover just a few. 1) If you require your contribution to be Tax Deductible, then donate to the club in our name; 2) You may want to contribute directly to the Soccer Club to support and promote future development in the years to come! 3) You have a hunch that the girls are going to zoom through regionals and next stop “Nationals!!” but need the tax deduction.

4. What portion of the money is not benefiting the team/Club at all?

The only portion of your contribution if made through paypal that does not reach your intended recipient is the 2.9% +.30 per transaction fee. So about 3% of your contribution goes to fees. It may seem high, but it was the easiest way we could set this up fast and have a built in accounting system, etc. etc. If you have other suggestions, feel free to send us a message.

5. Can I just send a check?

What are chances the answer to this one is “no” ………………………? ZIPPO!, Zero, NADA! :) Sure you can send us a check. Send it to the address below, and our trusty team manager will make sure it gets allocated appropriately.



Here is the address just in case you’re “OLD SCHOOL” edisonand overall just like the postal service.  We won’t discriminate!

Ahwatukee ’99 Girls
c/o Geoff Carr
4758 E Sunrise Dr.
Phoenix, AZ 85044


For Club Donation Please make your check payable to: Ahwatukee Foothills Soccer Club